Friday, April 19, 1985


Last seen: Albert Park, Melbourne Victoria on 19th April 1985
Date of Birth: 14 October 1949
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown close cropped hair
Height: 162 cms
Build: Medium
Complexion: Olive
Peculiarities/Distinguishing Features: Small scar on forehead
Circumstances: Ms LANCASTER was reported missing to police in April 1985. On 19/04/1985 Ms LANCASTER was at the Windsor Hotel, Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. Ms LANCASTERS employment involved her buying fresh produce from the markets and delivering them to hotels and restaurants, one of which was the Windsor Hotel, Albert Park. In most instances she was paid in advance for these purchases. Ms LANCASTER was at the Windsor Hotel until late into the night on the 19th of April 1985. She was drinking alcohol through the night and left the hotel in company with an employee of the hotel, as she was giving him a lift to his address in Albert Park. The male states that Ms LANCASTER was driving her yellow Mazda light truck registration number BWP 414. He states that she just dropped him off outside his address and that she kept driving. Ms LANCASTERS flat was checked and appeared undisturbed. Her bank books, passport and clothing were all at the address. At the time of her disappearance Ms LANCASTER was in possession of about $1300.00 cash, money to be used to buy produce for clients. Ms LANCASTER's vehicle has never been found.