Friday, July 19, 2002

Susan Goodwin

Personal Details
Last seen: Friday, 19 July 2002
Year of birth: 1962
Build: Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Collar length brown hair
Complexion: Fair
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature: Tattoo of a purple rose on left hip.
Circumstances: Her disappearance is described as out of character.


The Disappearance of Susan Goodwin
Sunday Mail 28-12-2003 By: Anna Merola with Peter Haran
EVERYWHERE Susan Goodwin went she look her toothbrush and a small bottle of water.
But the Port Lincoln woman took neither with her the day she disappeared.
She had ignored her obsession with dental hygiene, a fact that gave police reason to worry about her safety.
Police said events from years ago ruted out the likelihood of suicide - Susan had survived an horrific car crash in which her three siblings were killed.
"She considered life precious," Major Crime investigator Detective Sergeant Mick Standing said.
There had been no falling out or altercation with her partner, Michel Peterson, with whom she lived, but something had distressed her on the day she vanished.
Susan had arranged to pick up Ms Peterson from a Port Lincoln fish processing plant at 4.30pm on July 19.
She had shopped for food for the evening meat and was seen in town by people who later told police she was "distressed" or "distraught".
Why Susan was upset is not clear. She drove her four-wheel drive back home and apparently unpacked her groceries.
At 4.30pm Ms Peterson arrived home and became alarmed after finding the four-wheel drive locked and parked in the drive- way.
Inside the couple's home meat had been unpacked and left on the kitchen bench for the evening meal.
Investigators built up a picture of Susan and concluded foul play was involved. One detective said "the whole picture is not right".
The following week police and SES volunteers scoured 25sq km of dense scrub near Port Lincoln for clues or a grave.
Susan carried $140 with her but had not used her bank accounts.
Seventeen months on, her disappearance - listed as a major crime - still mystifies all concerned.
Her father, Don Goodwin, who lives in rural Victoria, told the Sunday Mail his daughter had "been to hell and back" after the tragedy ot the car smash.
"She was very close to me and this has set me back," he said. "I've come to the conclusion she's not alive."
Susan's mother, Margaret, said: "If she was alive we would have heard from her - somebody knows something."