Thursday, August 17, 2000


Personal Details
Sex: Female
Year of Birth: 1975
At Time of Disappearance Thursday, 17 August 2000
Age: 25
Height (cm):
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Nationality: New Zealander
Racial Appearance: Pacific Islander

Circumstances: Finau was suppose to pick her mother up from the Auckland Airport on 17 August 2000 but failed to do so. She had previously talked of moving to Australia, however was going to discuss this with her mother when she returned.

Saturday, August 12, 2000

Michelle Marie MILLS

Personal Details
Status: Missing Believed Murdered
Sex: Female
Year of Birth: 1961
At Time of Disappearance on 12 August 2000
Age: 39
Height (cm): 140.0 Build: Medium
Hair Colour: Fair
Eye Colour: Green
Complexion: Fair
Racial Appearance: Caucasian

Circumstances Michelle last spoke to her family on 12 August 2000.
Reward of $100,000 to solve disappearance of Michelle Mills

A $100,000 reward is on offer to help solve the suspected murder of Michelle Mills in 2000.

Ms Mills, born on 23 July 1961, was reported missing from Mudgee on 12 August 2000 and has not been seen since.

Police believe the mysterious disappearance of Michelle Mills is most likely a case of murder, but her body has never been found.

The $100,000 reward will be available to anyone who provides police with information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Ms Mill's death.

Police understand Michelle had some failed relationships and had been going through a difficult time in the lead-up to her disappearance.

However, investigators believe it is unlikely Michelle took her own life.

Police suspect Michelle may have been killed by someone over money troubles or a person she had lied to or stolen from.

She had only recently moved to Mudgee and she may have returned to Sydney before her death.

While it is unclear what led to Michelle's death, police strongly believe she was the victim of foul play.

Michelle's bank card was used for up to nine months after her disappearance.

These bank transactions, which occurred in Mudgee, Cowra and Blayney, could lead police to the killer or killers.

Police can only move forward with this investigation if someone provides new information.

Click here for more information contact the NSW Police Force Missing Persons
After 7 years, missing becomes murder
SMH Les Kennedy April 20, 2007

Almost seven years after Michelle Mills disappeared from Mudgee, police now believe she was murdered.

And they believe her killer drifted through central western and southern NSW for nine months using her bank card withdrawing cash from ATM machines in a bid to make it appear she was still alive.

For years her case, which never made the media, was treated by police as yet another person who had gone walkabout in despair after the failure of a series of relationships.

But a recent review of the case by Lithgow detectives has led police to believe she was murdered some time after ringing her father in Queensland on June 23 to say she was thinking of moving to the Sunshine State.

The last sighting of her was nine days earlier on June 14, when she saw her doctor in Mudgee.

Today Police Minister David Campbell offered a $100,000 reward for information on her suspected murder.

Police said Ms Mills, 39, who was unemployed and receiving CentreLink benefits, was a relative newcomer to Mudgee at the time of her disappearance, having moved there just before Christmas in 1999 after living most her life on Sydney's northern beaches.

She had a number of failed relationships and had told her father she wanted to move on.

She regularly kept in touch with her family, say police, in particular her brothers in Sydney.

But after the calls stopped she was reported missing on August 12, 2000.

There have been no more calls since.

A review of her case revealed that her bank card was in use for almost nine months, only at ATM machines that did not have security cameras.

Withdrawals were made at teller machines first in Mudgee, then in Blayney, then Cowra and finally back in Mudgee where the card was captured by a St George Bank teller machine when the bank froze her account after realising the card was stolen.

"Police believe the mysterious disappearance of Michelle Mills is most likely a case of murder, but her body has never been found," Mr Campbell said.

"Her family deserves answers and those responsible for her death must be brought to justice," he said, in announcing the reward today.

"Police suspect Michelle may have been killed by someone over money troubles. She had only recently moved to Mudgee and police say she may have returned to Sydney before her death," Mr Campbell said.

Anyone with information are asked to contact police on the Crime Stoppers hotline 1800 333 000

Friday, August 4, 2000

Linda Anne Grimstone

Personal Details
Last seen: Monday, 4 September 2000
Year of birth: 1958
Height: 168 cm
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: At about 8.50am on 4 September 2000, Linda dropped her two children off at Croydon Hills Primary and did not return to pick them up. Police enquiries have revealed that Linda purchased petrol at the Wesburn petrol station at approx 9.45am and was last seen at approx 3.50pm that same day in the car park of Powers Lookout 270km NE of Melbourne. Police can’t explain her reason for attending Powers Lookout but her vehicle was located at 10am the next day in bushland nearby. Linda Grimstone was last seen on 4 September 2000.