Friday, December 18, 1992


A WEB of intrigue surrounds the death of 13-year-old Norlane girl Clare Morrison whose body was found washed up on Bells Beach in 1992. Hours before her grisly death, Clare spent a Friday night in Geelong’s mall and at Eastern Beach.
About 10.30pm Clare was seen at the city McDonald’s drunk. She was last seen walking in the mall towards
Moorabool St at midnight but what happened in the next 7.5 hours has frustrated and baffled police.
The young girl’s nearnaked body was found washed up on the shores of Bells Beach at 7.25am.
But what made the probe into Clare’s death even more difficult was that by the time she was found, a shark mauled her and the injuries to her throat, face and back of skull did not conclusively prove how she died.
Police said she was seen in a dark maroon or blue vehicle about 11.30pm with unknown males on the night she died.
Neither the car nor its occupants have been identified. Who took Clare to the beach? Why would someone want to kill her? Someone knows what happened but is holding on to a deep and dark secret.

Tuesday, December 1, 1992

Amelia Toa Hausia

Personal Details
Last seen: Tuesday, 1 December 1992
Year of birth: 1974
Height: 160cm
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: Amelia was last seen at a local shopping centre, ACT. She went missing after a fight with her boyfriend. In July 1993 she contacted her natural mother in Tonga by phone and stated that she was still alive. Amelia has not been seen or heard of since.