A lot can change in a year.
Since Karen Margaret Kelly, 46, disappeared in the Northern Territory 12 months ago, one of her three children has started planning their wedding and her second grandchild, her namesake, has been born.
NT Police on Tuesday revealed they were now treating her disappearance from Darwin River, about 70km south of Darwin, on April 18 last year as a homicide.
"There is nothing to suggest she is working, utilising or accessing her bank accounts ... life insurance or trust accounts," Detective Sergeant Sonia Kennon told reporters on Friday.
She said Mrs Kelly would never leave without making contact with her family.
"There has been no activity on her phone.
"She has always been really close to her children and I have no doubt in my mind that if she was able to, she would contact her children."
Mrs Kelly's husband, Darren Kelly, said it was hard not knowing what had happened to her.
"It's getting harder every day to believe that something bad hasn't happened to Karen," he said.
Det Sgt Kennon said there was nothing to indicate anyone may have wanted to harm Mrs Kelly, adding that she believed it may have been a crime of opportunity.
"She had made forward appointments for after (the day she went missing), so there is nothing to suggest she would commit suicide.
"Normally when you think about missing people, their vehicles are normally located.
"We have had no sightings of her vehicle since the time of her disappearance."
Police are hoping someone may have information about the whereabouts of Mrs Kelly's green 2001 Toyota Corolla hatchback, and its distinctive NT registration plate: 700.
"Her vehicle has been locked down completely nationally and anyone trying to re-register her vehicle, or if there's any action on the serial numbers contained in her vehicle - police will hopefully be notified."
Mrs Kelly failed to arrive at a friend's house after telephoning her to say she was on her way.
"We have done extensive investigations, speaking to quite a number of people, and we still have not located Karen Kelly or identified what may have happened to her after she left her residence," Det Sgt Kennon said.
Police have, during the past year, conducted aerial, river and foot searches of the local and surrounding areas.
Despite a number of anonymous calls so far proving to be false leads, Det Sgt Kennon said she remained positive the matter would be solved.
"We need public support to find her.
"Please come forward if you have information - don't wait for police to come to you!
"Anything you have to offer could give us vital pieces of information to put the jigsaw pieces together."
Mrs Kelly, whose maiden name is Brook, is of slim build and about 171cm tall.
At the time of her disappearance, she had shoulder length dark brown hair and was last seen wearing a black denim skirt and a white top with a floral motif.