Friday, March 14, 1997

Ciara Eilish GLENNON

Personal Details At time of disappearance: On Friday 14 March, 1997 at about 11.55pm Employment: Solicitor Age: Date / Year of birth: Height: Build: Eyes: Hair: Fair Complexion: Fair Gender: Female Distinguishing Feature: Alias: Circumstances of Disappearance: Ciara was last seen on Friday 14 March, 1997 at about 11.55pm as she left The Continental Hotel in Claremont. On Friday 14 March, 1997 at about 6:00pm Ciara Glennon attended a work function with her colleagues. Ciara was a lawyer and worked at a law firm in Saint Georges Terrace, Perth. Ciara and group of her friends left this private function at around 11:00pm and attended the Continental Hotel in Claremont, the same place Jane Rimmer attended the night she was murdered. The group arrived at around 11:30 pm and after about 20 - 25 minutes, Ciara told her friends she had had enough and was leaving. There is a confirmed sighting of Ciara walking down Bay View Terrace towards Stirling Highway. Investigators are confident that there are sightings of Ciara down on Stirling Highway outside a business called Australian Computer Resellers, next to the Dental Surgery. As she passed the Taste of Thai Restaurant and Baptist Church, a male person who was sitting at the bus stop opposite called out to her that she was 'crazy' for hitch hiking. Ciara dismissed him with a wave/gesture. This male was with two other friends. A few minutes later Ciara is seen interacting with the occupant/s of a light coloured vehicle further along Stirling Highway, near Stirling Road. Ciara is seen to lean over with her hands on her knees and it appears she speaks to the occupant/s. A few minutes later, the male turns back and the vehicle and Ciara are no longer in view. There are other possible sightings of Ciara along Stirling highway and it cannot be confirmed if Ciara did or did not get into this vehicle. The occupant/s of this light coloured vehicle has/have not been identified. Ciara was reported missing to Police on the 15th of March, 1997. On the 3rd of April ,1997; 18 days after being reported missing, Ciara's body was found in bush off Pipidinny Road, Eglington.