Saturday, October 15, 2011

Catherine Davies

Catherine Davies has been missing since mid-October and has not made any contact with family or friends.
Police are concerned for her welfare as her behaviour is out of character.
Ms Davies is of Caucasian appearance, 173cm tall, of slim build and with shoulder-length brown hair.
She could be driving a 1993 maroon Toyota Corolla hatchback with the Queensland registration 294MTI.
Anyone with information that could help police should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Ms Davis body has been located and a report is being prepared for the coroner.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Murdered woman Pia Navida.

Bludgeoned, naked: arrest in cold-case murder

Megan Levy
August 2, 2011 - 10:50AM
Murdered woman Pia Navida.

A man has been arrested in Melbourne's south-east this morning in connection with the murder of a Filipina woman who was bludgeoned to death in Sydney's south almost 20 years ago.
Homicide squad detectives arrested the 40-year-old man at a house in Langwarrin just after 7.15am today.
He is being questioned over the murder of Pia Navida, 37, whose naked body was found by bushwalkers on February 1, 1992, near a trail in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.
A second man was also arrested this morning at a house in Bathurst, in central western NSW, about 6.30am. He is also helping police with their inquiries.
Two weeks ago, detectives said a routine check of "cold cases" had uncovered new DNA evidence at the crime scene and they appealed for information about the case.

At the time, Detective Inspector John Lehmann of the Unsolved Homicide Team would not reveal exactly what that evidence was but he did say: "We've uncovered further evidence and that includes ... speaking to persons that were never spoken to in 1992."
A key part of the investigation was a silver-coloured Nissan Pintara abandoned on Wattamolla Road, seven kilometres from where Ms Navida's body was found in Bundeena.
Ms Navida first came to Australia from the Philippines in the early 1980s after marrying an Australian.
She lived in Melbourne for some time with her husband but it is not known for how long.
When the marriage failed and the couple separated, Ms Navida moved to different cities across Australia.
Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Peter Cotter said today’s arrests were the result of hard work undertaken by detectives over a long period.
“It’s only because of the doggedness of this team of investigators that we have achieved this breakthrough after 19 years,” Detective Superintendent Cotter said.
“It’s another tremendous example of police persevering and not losing hope in their search for answers.
“No matter how long ago a crime occurred or how cold a case might seem, there are police working behind the scenes with the resolve to bring those responsible to justice.’’
Police said the 40-year-old Melbourne man was expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today when police will seek his extradition to NSW.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Siriyakorn "Bung" Siriboon

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Stirling Hwy Timeline

Over the last 25 years in Western Australia there has been multiple incidences of young women being attacked, murdered or ...vanishing. With several attacks put down to the Claremont Serial Killer (CSK). A 5km section of Stirling Hwy running through Claremont, Cottesloe and Mosman Park has seen many attacks. Statistically far too many attacks and with the Pamela Lawrence murder back in the unsolved column and The Sharon Mason murder conviction looking less and less safe the statistics only seem likely to get worse. 1988 June 20 Julie Cutler was last seen leaving the Parmelia Hilton Hotel Perth on St Georges Terrace at 12.30am after a staff function. Julie is not seen again. Her car is found 2 days later in the sea off Cottesloe Beach. 1994 Jan 1 woman driving home from Club Bay View fights off man who dragged her from her car and tried to rape her near the Claremont subway 1994 May 23 Pamela Lawrence is murdered at her shop in Mosman Park. Andrew Mark Mallard is wrongfully convicted of her murder in 1995. He is ultimately cleared some 12 years later 1994 Oct A 31-year-old woman breaks her ankle when she leaps from a speeding taxi on Princess Road after the driver and another man try to attack her. 1995 Feb 12 Teenager abducted in Rowe Park, tied with electrical flex and raped at Karrakatta Cemetery. 1996 Jan 27 Sarah Spiers 18, spends the evening with friends at Club Bay View. At 2.06am, she calls taxi from a Claremont phone box. When the taxi arrives she has gone and is not seen again. 1996 Feb Police confirm they have received reports of bogus taxis in Perth. 1996 Mar 3 A 21-year-old woman is bashed and indecently assaulted in Church Lane behind Club Bay View. 1996 Jun 9 At 12.15am Jane Rimmer is last seen by four friends outside the Continental Hotel after deciding not to share a taxi home. 1996 July 1 Police issue questionnaires to 100 suspects. 1996 Aug 3 Rimmer's naked body is found in bush at semi-rural Wellard, 35km south of Perth, lightly covered with sticks and twigs a few metres off road. Police comb bush, divers search lakes. 1996 Aug 31 More than 35 taxi drivers are sacked during August after new checks reveal histories of violence or perversion. The search for overseas convictions eventually leads to 78drivers losing their licences. 1997 Mar 14 Ciara Glennon farewells friends outside Continental Hotel about midnight. 1997 Mar 16 Police say they fear a serial killer is on the loose, release year-old photo of Glennon with dark, curly hair. 1997 Mar 17 State Government announces $250,000 reward for information. 1997 Mar 18 Denis Glennon makes an emotional appeal for help from the public. "Clara's alive - we believe that," he says. Police say more than 3,000 people have come forward with information. 1997 Mar 19 Police release up-to-date photo of Glennon, showing much lighter hair. 1997 April 3 Glennon's body found in bush north of Perth. 2000 November 8 Sarah Anne McMahon, finishes her shift at a Claremont retail store. Leaves work and fails to make it home.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Greer Likely To Remain In Prison

Convicted murderer Arthur Greer is unlikely to be granted parole, despite new evidence that suggests he may not have killed 14-year-old Sharon Mason, according to former attorney-general Jim McGinty. Greer has served 16 years of his life sentence, more than double the minimum term set by the Supreme Court, but has had his parole request continually knocked back by the Prisoners Review Board. His pro bono lawyer Jonathan Davies has applied to the board to allow Greer parole in light of the new evidence, which may explain his long-standing refusal to accept responsibility for the schoolgirl's murder. The evidence uncovered by John Button, who was also wrongly convicted over a murder committed by serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke, was presented to the Innocence Project in WA and Edith Cowan University law students, as well as criminologists and psychologists. His years as a builder meant he was able to find a discrepancy about where the plumbing was on the Mosman Park site where Ms Mason's remains were found. It is now suggested that the remains were above pipes that were installed after the girl's disappearance in 1983, and were not located under a shed then-belonging to Greer, which was thought to have concealed the burial spot. Greer has a violent criminal record, including being convicted of sexual assault, and has been described as "a sexual, predatory psychopath". Yet advocate Estelle Blackburn said the hairs found in Ms Mason's underwear, when her body was recovered, did not match Greer's, nor did fingerprints found on the rubbish bags that housed Ms Mason's remains. Ms Blackburn said witnesses attested that they saw Ms Mason running down Stirling Highway at 10 o'clock at night looking distraught after police alleged she had been murdered. She said she had her own theories about who killed Ms Mason but ruled out Ms Mason's father, who committed suicide after coming under the spotlight during the police investigation into her disappearance. Ms Mason's mother, who was divorced at the time of her daughter's disappearance, was haunted by reminders of her daughter's gruesome death every time Greer came up for parole, Mr McGinty said. Mr McGinty was in his role as attorney-general when Greer's parole was first considered in 2001 and said he considered deporting the Liverpool-born Greer but the board rejected parole on the basis that it needed to protect the larger community, not just in Western Australia. "If there was new evidence like there was in many, many cases such as the Micklebergs, Mallard and Beamish I would have had no hesitation in bringing it for reconsideration before the courts but I can't really comment on this (evidence)," Mr McGinty said. He said Andrew Mallard, who was wrongly convicted over the murder of Mosman Park jeweller Pamela Lawrence, had "significant evidence proving his innocence" and Greer's case was "not as conclusive", despite many lawyers arguing that his conviction was based on circumstantial evidence. Mr McGinty said even Mr Mallard had to remain in custody well after he was cleared by court, pending a new trial that was eventually abandoned by the Department of Public Prosecutions. He said it was unlikely the Prisoners Review Board would grant Greer parole to compile an appeal and ultimately the decision would have to be approved by the current Attorney-General Christian Porter, who could take into account public sentiment. "It would be unusual for someone to be released on parole in a murder case and from what I know of this case I wouldn't at all be enthusiastic over the prospect of release." Read more:

Arthur Greer conviction of Sharon Mason Murder - Unsafe

New bid to overturn Mason murder verdict Aja Styles .March 3, 2011 A prominent Perth barrister is advocating the release of convicted murderer Arthur Greer, saying fresh evidence has since surfaced proving he was not responsible for killing and burying Sharon Mason in 1983. Greer, who is now 73, was jailed in 1994 for the 14-year-old school girl's murder on the grounds that her remains were found on a Mosman Park site where he had owned a dress shop at the time of her disappearance. The remains were excavated by building workers nine years after she went missing from the area and were found on top of plumbing pipes, partially intact with flesh still clinging to the bones. Advertisement: Story continues below The prosecution case relied on the theory that Greer had buried her body, despite it being a well-frequented area, by lifting the floor of his backyard shed in order to dig the deep hole. Law students at Edith Cowan University, under the auspice of the Innocence Project set up in WA in 2006 to exonerate wrongly-convicted felons, have since traced the manufacturing year of the pipes and utilised aerial surveillance to demonstrate the shed's location was not over the burial site. Tom Percy QC, who is on the board of the Innocence Project, said the pipes were manufactured many years after the girl's disappearance and long after Greer had moved from his shop. "There was no evidence at all apart from his very, very bad (criminal) record which was tied to running someone down and assaulting his wife," he said. "The trial was run on his record because the evidence was threadbare." He said the body may have been refrigerated and stored and buried on the site at a later date, which "would account for a lot of the flesh still being on (the body)". "Which totally removes him from the location, so it could not possibly be Greer," Mr Percy said. He said Greer had never been granted parole since becoming eligible in 2001 because he refused to take responsibility for the murder. "He says 'I can't admit guilt on this because I didn't do it'," Mr Percy said. Barrister Jonathan Davies is working pro bono on Greer's behalf and has applied to the Prisoners Review Board to grant him parole to assist him to prepare the new evidence for an appeal. The decision will ultimately rest with the Attorney-General Christian Porter, who has to sign off on any recommendation for parole. Mr Davies has overturned the convictions against John Button and Darryl Beamish over the Eric Edgar Cooke serial killings from 1959 to 1963. Greer also has the backing of Supreme Court Chief Justice Wayne Martin, who worked pro bono as a lawyer at the time of his conviction to take the appeal to the High Court because the evidence was so limited. "It's awful thinner than (Andrew) Mallard.. He was never convicted of wilful murder but murder, which means he killed her but didn't mean to by causing her serious harm, back in the day when wilful murder was still a charge. How do you deliver a guilty verdict based on that?," Mr Percy said. "It was the most ridiculous verdict ever known. It's been a devil that has perplexed legal experts for years. "We find the conviction absolutely bewildering."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Karen Margaret KELLY

Personal Details
Last seen: Sunday, 18 April 2010
Year of birth: 1964
Height: 171cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Shoulder lenght brunette
Complexion: Fair caucasian
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
 Karen Margaret KELLY aka BROOK disappeared from her family residence during the afternoon on Sunday 18th April 2010. 

Karen was last seen driving a green or aqua coloured Toyota Corolla hatchback, with Northern Territory registration ‘700’ similar to picture below.

Darwin woman probably drowned in river, police say
Kristy O'Brien ABC
Posted October 14, 2011 16:59:22

Northern Territory Police are almost ready to close their investigation into the disappearance of Darwin woman Karen Kelly, after concluding her death was an accident.

The 46-year-old mother of three went missing last year and police treated the case as a possible homicide.

But last month they found her body in her car, which was submerged in the Darwin River not far from her home.

Detective Sergeant Tony Henry says the conditions would have been bad on the night Ms Kelly tried to drive across the bridge.

"The crossing on that particular day, the 18th of April, 2010, the river was probably at a point where a car similar to what Karen was driving would be unlikely to make that crossing."

Detective Sergeant Henry says it appears she drowned.

"We believe, ultimately, the cause of death will be determined by the Coroner," he said.

But police believe the car was swept off the crossing on Lenino Road, he says.


NT police say missing woman probably dead

Larine Statham
April 15, 2011  SMH
    A lot can change in a year.
    Since Karen Margaret Kelly, 46, disappeared in the Northern Territory 12 months ago, one of her three children has started planning their wedding and her second grandchild, her namesake, has been born.
    NT Police on Tuesday revealed they were now treating her disappearance from Darwin River, about 70km south of Darwin, on April 18 last year as a homicide.
    "There is nothing to suggest she is working, utilising or accessing her bank accounts ... life insurance or trust accounts," Detective Sergeant Sonia Kennon told reporters on Friday.
    She said Mrs Kelly would never leave without making contact with her family.
    "There has been no activity on her phone.
    "She has always been really close to her children and I have no doubt in my mind that if she was able to, she would contact her children."
    Mrs Kelly's husband, Darren Kelly, said it was hard not knowing what had happened to her.
    "It's getting harder every day to believe that something bad hasn't happened to Karen," he said.
    Det Sgt Kennon said there was nothing to indicate anyone may have wanted to harm Mrs Kelly, adding that she believed it may have been a crime of opportunity.
    "She had made forward appointments for after (the day she went missing), so there is nothing to suggest she would commit suicide.
    "Normally when you think about missing people, their vehicles are normally located.
    "We have had no sightings of her vehicle since the time of her disappearance."
    Police are hoping someone may have information about the whereabouts of Mrs Kelly's green 2001 Toyota Corolla hatchback, and its distinctive NT registration plate: 700.
    "Her vehicle has been locked down completely nationally and anyone trying to re-register her vehicle, or if there's any action on the serial numbers contained in her vehicle - police will hopefully be notified."
    Mrs Kelly failed to arrive at a friend's house after telephoning her to say she was on her way.
    "We have done extensive investigations, speaking to quite a number of people, and we still have not located Karen Kelly or identified what may have happened to her after she left her residence," Det Sgt Kennon said.
    Police have, during the past year, conducted aerial, river and foot searches of the local and surrounding areas.
    Despite a number of anonymous calls so far proving to be false leads, Det Sgt Kennon said she remained positive the matter would be solved.
    "We need public support to find her.
    "Please come forward if you have information - don't wait for police to come to you!
    "Anything you have to offer could give us vital pieces of information to put the jigsaw pieces together."
    Mrs Kelly, whose maiden name is Brook, is of slim build and about 171cm tall.
    At the time of her disappearance, she had shoulder length dark brown hair and was last seen wearing a black denim skirt and a white top with a floral motif.

    © 2011 AAP
    Husband pleads for help to find wife
    THE husband of a woman who went missing about seven weeks ago said he has had sleepless nights since the sudden disappearance.

    Darren Kelly's voice was shaking as he spoke to reporters at the police headquarters in Darwin yesterday in a bid to find his wife of three years - Karen Margaret Kelly.
    The 45-year-old Darwin River man was sitting next to his step sons Jamie Brook, 17, and Adrian Brook, 19.
    But the boys remained silent throughout the press conference.
    Mr Kelly said the family was "extremely worried" about the woman's safety.
    "It's pretty hard getting up in the middle of the night, every couple of hours, just to see if her car is pulled back in the yard," he said.
    Mrs Kelly, 46, who worked at the Territory Insurance Office in Darwin's CBD, was reported missing on April 18.
    The mother-of-three had phoned a friend about 1.45pm to say she was on her way to her house on Leonino Rd, in Darwin River.
    She was last seen leaving her home on Mira Rd in a green Toyota Corolla hatchback.
    "It's quite a shock that she didn't turn up at the party that she was meant to go to," Mr Kelly said.
    Mrs Kelly's bank account and phone have not been used since she disappeared and the car she was driving is yet to be found.
    The woman's family said she had no enemies, no stress at work and she didn't take any medication.
    Police initially thought Mrs Kelly decided to visit her daughter in Victoria. But she never showed up.
    The Major Crime Unit has now taken over the search for the missing woman.
    Detective sergeant Sonia Kennon said all leads had run dry and help from the public was desperately needed.
    Mrs Kelly is described as Caucasian, slim, about 171cm tall with shoulder-length dark brown hair and green eyes.
    She was last seen wearing a black denim mini-skirt and a white top with a floral motif.
    Her 2001 Toyota has the distinctive NT registration plate "700".
    Anyone with information is urged to phone police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.