Monday, May 26, 1986

Cheryl Renwick

Personal Details
Last Seen: 25th of May 1986
Age: 33
Year of Birth: 1953
Height: 162 cm
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Last seen Wearing: Dark tartan skirt, pink skivvy, brown boots
Circumstances: Cheryl RENWICK went missing from her South Perth unit overnight under unusual circumstances, between the 25th and 26th of May, 1986. Despite extensive inquiries by Police and family and comprehensive media coverage, there has been no information regarding her whereabouts since then.Concern is held for her welfare.

Thursday, May 8, 1986

Sharron Phillips

Personal Detail
Sex: Female
Year of Birth: 1966
At Time of Disappearance on 8 May 1986
Age: 20
Height (cm): 165.0
Build: Thin
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Racial Appearance: Caucasian
Circumstances: Sharron was last seen at about 11 pm on May 1986 at a telephone box near the Wacol Railway Station. Her car had broken down near the then Wacol Migrant Centre. Her body has never been found. She is only one of a number of women to go missing or found murdered in that area, whose killer/s have never been found. They include the Gold Coast Hitchhiker Murders of Gabriel Jahnke, a Goodna girl and her friend Michelle Ann Riley, who were killed in October, 1973, Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans, killed October, 1974, while hitchhiking from Brisbane to Warwick or Toowoomba, Margaret Rosewarne, killed May 1976, hitchiking from Surfers Paradise to Burleigh Heads, and Robyn Hoinville-Bartram and Anita Cunningham, killed July 1972, hitchiking north from Cooloongatta to Bowen. The disappearance of Julie-ann Gallon from Riverview on 2 August 1990, may be connected to the same killer/killers of Sharron Phillips. Her body, like Sharron's, has never been found.