Saturday, February 19, 1983

Rosemarie Elizabeth Katherine Dodds

Personal Details Last seen: Saturday, 19 February 1983 Year of birth: 1951 Height: 165cm Build: Slim Eyes: Green Hair: Black Complexion: Fair Gender: Female Distinguishing Feature: Circumstances Rosemarie Dodds was last seen leaving a religious meeting in Kingston, Brisbane. She has not been seen since.

Sharon Mason

Personal Details
Status: Murdered
Convicted: Arthur Greer
Last Seen:February 19, 1983
Employment: Student
Age: 14
Year of birth: 1970
Hair: Fair
Complexion: Fair
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: The disappearance of Sharon Mason spread fear through Perth after she vanished in 1983, when her body was found and Arthur Greer arrested that fear began to subside. It was all but relieved by the conviction of her 'murderer' in 1994.

I have no doubt that Greer has been less than a great guy to be around over the years and even dangerous at times. However, from the evidence now available I believe it is highly unlikely that if Arthur Greer was charged today that the case would not even make it to trial.

This leads to two problems that must be addressed urgently. Arthur Greer must be released from prison and the murder case of Sharon Mason must be re-opened.

The small stretch of highway through the exclusive suburbs of Mosman Park, Claremont and Cottesloe has been the witness to a very significant number of unsolved disappearances, predatory attacks and murders and though its convenient to consider that the attacks are not linked, statistically that is becoming a very long bow to draw.