Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Stirling Hwy Timeline

Over the last 25 years in Western Australia there has been multiple incidences of young women being attacked, murdered or ...vanishing. With several attacks put down to the Claremont Serial Killer (CSK). A 5km section of Stirling Hwy running through Claremont, Cottesloe and Mosman Park has seen many attacks. Statistically far too many attacks and with the Pamela Lawrence murder back in the unsolved column and The Sharon Mason murder conviction looking less and less safe the statistics only seem likely to get worse. 1988 June 20 Julie Cutler was last seen leaving the Parmelia Hilton Hotel Perth on St Georges Terrace at 12.30am after a staff function. Julie is not seen again. Her car is found 2 days later in the sea off Cottesloe Beach. 1994 Jan 1 woman driving home from Club Bay View fights off man who dragged her from her car and tried to rape her near the Claremont subway 1994 May 23 Pamela Lawrence is murdered at her shop in Mosman Park. Andrew Mark Mallard is wrongfully convicted of her murder in 1995. He is ultimately cleared some 12 years later 1994 Oct A 31-year-old woman breaks her ankle when she leaps from a speeding taxi on Princess Road after the driver and another man try to attack her. 1995 Feb 12 Teenager abducted in Rowe Park, tied with electrical flex and raped at Karrakatta Cemetery. 1996 Jan 27 Sarah Spiers 18, spends the evening with friends at Club Bay View. At 2.06am, she calls taxi from a Claremont phone box. When the taxi arrives she has gone and is not seen again. 1996 Feb Police confirm they have received reports of bogus taxis in Perth. 1996 Mar 3 A 21-year-old woman is bashed and indecently assaulted in Church Lane behind Club Bay View. 1996 Jun 9 At 12.15am Jane Rimmer is last seen by four friends outside the Continental Hotel after deciding not to share a taxi home. 1996 July 1 Police issue questionnaires to 100 suspects. 1996 Aug 3 Rimmer's naked body is found in bush at semi-rural Wellard, 35km south of Perth, lightly covered with sticks and twigs a few metres off road. Police comb bush, divers search lakes. 1996 Aug 31 More than 35 taxi drivers are sacked during August after new checks reveal histories of violence or perversion. The search for overseas convictions eventually leads to 78drivers losing their licences. 1997 Mar 14 Ciara Glennon farewells friends outside Continental Hotel about midnight. 1997 Mar 16 Police say they fear a serial killer is on the loose, release year-old photo of Glennon with dark, curly hair. 1997 Mar 17 State Government announces $250,000 reward for information. 1997 Mar 18 Denis Glennon makes an emotional appeal for help from the public. "Clara's alive - we believe that," he says. Police say more than 3,000 people have come forward with information. 1997 Mar 19 Police release up-to-date photo of Glennon, showing much lighter hair. 1997 April 3 Glennon's body found in bush north of Perth. 2000 November 8 Sarah Anne McMahon, finishes her shift at a Claremont retail store. Leaves work and fails to make it home.


  1. There is an error with a name. Should be Sarah Anne McMahon (not Marie)

    You also might want to include [in your excellent timelien] the death of Brigitta Dickens on 18/7/1994. Her then boyfriend Simon Rochford was convicted of her murder. He was also named as the 'new' suspect regarding Pamela Lawrence's murder. He committed suicide in prison when this info was released to the press. It is believed forensic fingerprint evidence found at the Lawrence scene linked Rochford there. It so happened that Rochford and Mallard shared a cell in Albany Prison at one stage.

  2. I think the Birnies murdered Sharon Mason. They picked up 2 of their victims on Stirling Hwy and another somewhere in Nedlands. Sharon Mason disappeared from Mosman Park which in on Stirling Hwy. Mason was murdered 3 years before the other known Birnie murders and I suspect he murdered others in the period between.

  3. The Parmelia Hilton is on Mount Street Perth not St George's Tce.

    You could well be correct about Birnies but there is other compelling evidence that needs to be thoroughly investigated. Arthur Boycott Greer is definitely not responsible.

    A witness in the Mason case has stated Mason was in Mount Street Perth the afternoon of her disappearance.

  4. Does anyone know the date of birth for Kerry Turner and Kerryn Tate please?

  5. was any of the victims the owner/s of blavk satin like material jacket, seiko watch, silver ring with rope pattern.