Saturday, January 3, 1970

IRENE REES - Murdered

3 January 1970
hot dead in Hill's 1967 Valiant, which was parked at Newcastle South Beach, NSW. The couple had been embracing under a blanket when they were killed by at least 2 shots from a .22 calibre rifle. Police believe the shots were fired from a car which was parked next to Hill's. About 50 people were parked along the esplanade at the time of the murders, some of whom heard shots, but the bodies were not noticed until nearly 4 hours later. Despite some early leads, no suspects have ever been identified.
IRENE REES (19) and her boyfriend RAYMOND HILL (24) were s


  1. Intriguing! I have some links with a case from NZ. You will find; some of my comments, on Hayley Dodd's website and Sharon Mason's. Two Links! Are the N.S.W and W.A Police that incompetent!?

  2. Yes I have more knowledge now. Tynong North & FRANKSTON Murders in Victoria. Victoria Police have been informed. Alas haven't seen any of them nor has there been any results. Hill & Rees Murder is being used by Gods Garbage MC female cohorts for Criminal means. Ref 9 March 2007 [September 7, 2007] Trevor Hill and Glen REES. House stealing using Corrupt Courthouse Officials & WA Legal Aid lawyers. 12 years still no resolve.