Sunday, October 6, 1974

Wendy Evans

Personal Details Last seen: Employment: Age: Year of birth: Height: Build: Eyes: Hair: Fair Complexion: Fair Gender: Female Distinguishing Feature: Circumstances:Lorraine Wilson, 20, left, and Wendy Evans, 18, two trainee nurses, set out from Camp Hill to hitchhike to Goondiwindi on October 6, 1974. Their skeletons were found in bush at Murphy's Creek, near the foot of the Toowoomba Range in June 1976.


  1. Wendy Evans is my sister, it has been way too long, if anyone knows anything please contact the crime stoppers immediately

  2. Whisperwild im very sorry for your terrible loss. Toowoomba and the surrounding areas was still like a country town in those days. Everybody knew who the baddies were. I believe these Experienced criminals (certainly not first time offenders) would have been very well known to police at the time but they just could not prove it.