Thursday, February 26, 1976

Margaret Hardy

In 1990 the remains of a woman who had been brutally raped, murdered and dumped in bush in the Blue Mountains 14 years before were confirmed as those of Margaret Rose Hardy. She had never returned after leaving her St Mary's home on February 26, 1976, to go shopping. The mystery of Margaret Hardy's disappearance begins on a summer night in 1976 when the 18-year-old disappears — simply vanishes. Precious time is lost when the case is treated as just another teenage runaway case. There are suspicions, little is done to investigate the disappearance then 14 years later the police confirm that Margaret has, in fact, been murdered. More time passes and then a break through as her father and brother are charged with murder. In court, there are accusations of violence and sexual abuse, but at the conclusion the father and son walk free. Then in November 2003 Margaret's sister EUNICE GLOVER comes forward to tell of the horrors of living in the house. Whilst further charges were expected the case remains cold.

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