Friday, September 16, 1977


16 September 1977
SIMONE VOGEL (aka Norma June Pavich) (42)
Last seen - leaving her luxury home in Brisbane, QLD. She was the owner of a number of illegal brothels and was reportedly on her way to visit corrupt police officers who were standing over her. She reportedly was wearing $100,000 worth of jewellery and had $6,000 cash with her when she disappeared. Her Mercedes, which she had bought 11 days earlier, was later found at Sydney Airport.


  1. The Cops she was on her way to meet with the aid of a Murderous minion of theirs Killed Simone ( he had killed before & since) & had arranged for the release from Boggo Road a certain Bobby R.... who was directed to drive the car over the NSW border & not to open the boot & he was then returned to Boggo Road.
    The 'Baron' (Jail Chief) had made similar arrangements before to release certain people from Boggo Road to assist with murders &/or other tasks for the Corrupt Senior Cops .

  2. Simone had already spoken to Ryan the Private Detective as well but apparently thought she could save time by dealing direct with Teg & his boss against Ryans advice reminding her of previous incidents like Margaret & Barbara,

    1. John Ryan seems / appears to think that typing perhaps in a Anonymous post/ posts hiding behind Anonymous some how protects him from defamation claims. This doesn't only apply to mr Ryan but everybody.

      Here is how it works FYI Mr Ryan- The producer or publisher of a site is legally bound that what he or she is publishing is not defamation. If there is no proof to back up allegations then it is deemed to be so. Therefor the publisher of that material can be sued for millions.
      You were told this for your own sake but apparently unable to comprehend.

      Now in this case one might assume the children of the person you named would be well within their rights to sue for damages.

      They would contact the forum owner and request the posters details. I should think the forum owner might cooperate + remove the comments that are deemed to be defamation. However if the forum owner requested a court order would be issued to obtain the posters details.
      Its quite easy & not rocket science.
      We ALL are legally fully responsibly for any comments we make including you.

      We ALL own our comments by law despite posting in bodge names. Everybody is entitled to have a dozen names by which to post comments BUT you own all of those comments by law. Nobody can hide behind a post marked Anonymous.

      I trust I have made this simple enough for you to understand. Nor did you meet with Simone just prior to her disappearance.
      Actually, I note this is still listed under missing. Simone was listed as murdered many years ago.

      I think her family have been through enough Mr Ryan without you pretending you know anything at all about this matter.