Friday, December 28, 1979

Kerryn Tate

Personal Details
Last seen: 28-Dec-79
Age: 22
Year of birth: 57
Hair: Fair
Complexion: Fair
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: Kerryn Tate disappeared from the Perth metropolitan area on the 28th of December 1979. Her remains were found on a burnt tree stump two days later on the 30th of December 1979 at Boulder Rock, off the Brookton Highway east of Perth. A pendant that Kerryn owned was located at the site too and used to help identify her.


  1. this article might be of interest - dated 5/1/1980 with some very interesting background information regarding Kerryn.

  2. I was approached by a wa detective on the 22nd of nov,14 , in act. They came to my house and said they're investigating a cold murder case.I was really shocked and still am.because I don't have a criminal record and to top it all off the crime was committed in 1979, when I was13 years old.and lived in qld back then.I have never been to wa.he took a dna sample from my mouth as I must be a really young murderer.can someone please shed some light on this harrasment by the police!

    1. Do you have a relative that was in WA at the time of the murder? The police may be using DNA to identify a family then track back to the suspect.

    2. My husband also had a visit today April 1st 2015 in NSW from a WA detective asking if he was in WA around that time. I am sure this is the same case and he also took a DNA sample

  3. Not that I know of.I have an older cousin, he might have visited wa then.he would have been 19,20 at the time of the crime.

  4. This suggests an older operator. One who leaves victims behind burnt logs, as was Ugle? As was Kerry Turner in a picnic area?
    Where was Kate abducted from, Cottesloe? Not far from Julie Cutlers car? Why not more specific on abduction location?