Saturday, February 19, 1983

Sharon Mason

Personal Details
Status: Murdered
Convicted: Arthur Greer
Last Seen:February 19, 1983
Employment: Student
Age: 14
Year of birth: 1970
Hair: Fair
Complexion: Fair
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: The disappearance of Sharon Mason spread fear through Perth after she vanished in 1983, when her body was found and Arthur Greer arrested that fear began to subside. It was all but relieved by the conviction of her 'murderer' in 1994.

I have no doubt that Greer has been less than a great guy to be around over the years and even dangerous at times. However, from the evidence now available I believe it is highly unlikely that if Arthur Greer was charged today that the case would not even make it to trial.

This leads to two problems that must be addressed urgently. Arthur Greer must be released from prison and the murder case of Sharon Mason must be re-opened.

The small stretch of highway through the exclusive suburbs of Mosman Park, Claremont and Cottesloe has been the witness to a very significant number of unsolved disappearances, predatory attacks and murders and though its convenient to consider that the attacks are not linked, statistically that is becoming a very long bow to draw.


  1. Readers might want to read this new booklet published in May 2012

    this information shows this conviction should be overturned and Arthur Greer exonerated of all charges.

  2. readers might also want to read a document named The Journal which can be found in the links on left side of page that opens at

  3. Arthur Greer Is the most evil person I have ever met he is a sexual predator and should rot where he is. Anyone who truly knows him knows he did it. In jail terms he is nothing but a dirty tamp (sexual predator) and a dirty rotten dog (dobber).

  4. Arthur Greer Is known as Arthur Gruesome or just Gruesome by other prisoners

  5. Were her remains not found buried under a slab and shed in the backyard of Greer's former business property? The same property where she was seen near too? The same property where he was confirmed as being when she is believed to have disappeared? If he didn't do it, how did she end where she did?

    1. By your comment 'slab' I think you think that there was a concrete slab under the shed. There was not. There were 25 2 foot by 2 foot concrete pavers. Anyhow people tend to forget there had been 2 major earthworks carried out on that property after Mr Greer vacated - one in 1987 and the one leading up to the discovery. It is highly plausable that the remains of Sharon Mason had been accidentally transferred to the place where they were found. Just because the remains were found in an area adjacent to where a shed once stood, does not automatically say the remains had been buried under the shed. Before making comments you should take the time to get hold of some trial transcripts and exhibit photographs ; you might be surprised what you will find.

  6. Greer did it. Apart from the forensic evidence that was linked to him, he also said in the East Perth Lock Up that he was "Glad it was all over".

  7. I personally have not read anything anywhere that has indicated Arthur Boycott Greer was linked with forensic evidence. What do you know to make your statement? And your quote 'glad it was all over' couldn't there be a grain of possibility that statement was an off the cuff one relating to Mr Greer's first night in custody after having been subjected to many hours of questioning and bombardment techniques employed by detectives?

  8. Sharon Mason was seen alive by at least two people including her father after the police say he killed her. Her remains were buried at the back of the row of shops long after Greer left his shop lease (not under the shop's shed).
    Greer had never killed anyone before, he is a family man with two children. He had scrapes with women and the police when intoxicated and this seems to be the basis for suspecting him. He had a falling out with his cousin in Ireland and a drunken driving incident in NSW when he drove onto a property where a women was standing. She claimed he tried to run her over. His alcoholic behaviour is really the reason he got a negative psychiatric report naming him a sociopath. The naming of alcoholic people by the psychiatric profession is common in Australia and is a false assessment.
    Greer had no motive to harm Sharon. There is no evidence he ever met her.
    Greer maintains his innocence and will die in prison rather than confess to a crime he did not do.
    There are many wrong convictions for murder in Western Australia. They have a knack of putting anyone away without the facts. Greer is most likely someone who the police picked on.

  9. Between his murder of the young victim in Mosman Park in 1983, and his return to Perth in the 1990s, Greer was convicted of two charges of serious sexual assault in NSW.

    Other victims of this monstrous violent liar are the victim's parents (who had no other birth children)—the father committing suicide after intensive pressure from WAPOL, and the death of her mother after the deportation of this murderer.