Thursday, May 8, 1986

Sharron Phillips

Personal Detail
Sex: Female
Year of Birth: 1966
At Time of Disappearance on 8 May 1986
Age: 20
Height (cm): 165.0
Build: Thin
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Racial Appearance: Caucasian
Circumstances: Sharron was last seen at about 11 pm on May 1986 at a telephone box near the Wacol Railway Station. Her car had broken down near the then Wacol Migrant Centre. Her body has never been found. She is only one of a number of women to go missing or found murdered in that area, whose killer/s have never been found. They include the Gold Coast Hitchhiker Murders of Gabriel Jahnke, a Goodna girl and her friend Michelle Ann Riley, who were killed in October, 1973, Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans, killed October, 1974, while hitchhiking from Brisbane to Warwick or Toowoomba, Margaret Rosewarne, killed May 1976, hitchiking from Surfers Paradise to Burleigh Heads, and Robyn Hoinville-Bartram and Anita Cunningham, killed July 1972, hitchiking north from Cooloongatta to Bowen. The disappearance of Julie-ann Gallon from Riverview on 2 August 1990, may be connected to the same killer/killers of Sharron Phillips. Her body, like Sharron's, has never been found.


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  2. Sharron Phillips This Post is about Sharron Phillips and the the others girls who went missing between Gold Coast and a interesting run up and down the coast and into the hinterlands. I note there is no comment tag on her listing. No doubt I am wasting my time - but who knows maybe some straight open thinking copper might read this site one day and accept sometimes the public get it right. There are people out there that just have a gut feeling. You know when you know your onto something - your right on your hunch and nobody takes your seriously. Firstly whomever carried out these crimes we know two things straight up.

    One is he wasn't scared to take on two women at the one time. Many offenders will just prey on one victim. He would most likely be powerful perhaps tall and not too elderly. Hes likely to be somebody traveling those roads within his work duties on a pretty regular basis at different times to suit himself.

    1. Yes this is a tragedy but the truth will come out, just as anyone who has been framed will see the same truth come out.
      As for the maggot who died in hospital. Curse on her. She was the personification of evil.
      There is still hope with Sharon that she is alive. Stranger things have happened.
      Let's keep her in our prayers.

  3. So its possibly your looking for a traveling salesman or a real estate agent or something like that.

    About 6 years ago my girlfriend and I had a terrifying experience with a self starter real estate agent working for a company called Washington developments. We actually reported this to the police at the time and his boss. I personally think are were lucky to be alive. He was a cool customer - very upfront- because he even followed us into a hotel where when we first got away from him to call police. He spoke with the girl behind the bar that we had asked for change to ring the police. He walked in as cool as you like and said to her Ah these girls have it all wrong .
    The girl behind the bar then told us that in fact the police station was just a few meters up the road. it was a tiny little country place with one store a service station an police station.

    He actually walked up to the police station before we could get there but there was nobody there. He was very tall about 30+ and drove a white 4 wheel drive. I dont recall his name now but gave it to the police when we called at the time. The police officer said Oh yes we just had a call from him--- like i said very cheeky.

    He had picked us up from our home on the Gold Coast to show my friend some acreage for sale way out at whoop whoop.

    Something told me the night before to cancel. I am dared if I today even can tell anybody what it was - but we called and cancelled. He turned up on the Sunday morning - without calling and was very forceful with my friend telling her she had already booked the day too show her so they least she could do was look at it. My friend is easily bullied so agreed to go. I wasn't happy but went with her.

    On the way up he turned off the highway onto these dirt roads. I knew that was the opposite direction to where we were supposed to be heading. I asked him what he was doing. He didnt reply. I asked him again and he didnt reply. He drove very very slowly . We were in thick bush .

    He drove around like that for at least 20 minutes refusing to even speak. Prior hes talk the legs off a chair.

    1. Look at that bloke who was charged with the Rockhampton girls murder. I bet most people cursed him. I know I was horrified, however, the girl came out of a five year hidey house.
      Remember, not everyone is guilty no matter how they are portrayed.
      Then there was the girl who was framed by other women she met earlier in the week. Framed and gagged.
      Would we like to be in her shoes?
      Evil has a way of being revealed. We wait and we wait and it will happen.

  4. Then hes stopped and said to me- see that land there - it belongs to my boss. I sold several of these blokes ages ago - but he really wasn't talking to me - he was sort of in a trance like.
    That was the first time I got the feeling I was right about this guy. I had a horrible feeling running through my head he was sitting there reminiscing about bodies he had hidden there.

    No I am not crazy you would have had to be there. He was a weirdo and scary. I note these areas are all around where people went missing.

    I said listen I have a lawyer waiting for me and I told him what time I would be back and hes waiting for us.

    He then went back to the highway but driving very slowly like any minute he might change his mind. I asked him to stop at the next service station so i could use the ladies.
    He drove straight past. He never said a word for another hours drive. Then he showed us this dump that had been advertised on the Washington development newspaper add. It was a dump and my friend said not interested thankyou.

    He flew into a rage about people wasting his time. He had kept the doors locked all the time we were looking at the empty dirt block . Then he went silent again but when he got to the tarred road he turned in the opposite direction to home.

    Again I asked him what he was doing. He didnt answer and drove for about another half hour. He turned off into another dirt road in some god forsaken empty place with nobody around.

    He drove down this dirt road for about fifteen minutes refusing to say where he was taking us. Then he just stopped in the middle of the road. He turned his car off and just sat there. My friend had a hearing problem and i think SHE thought i had agreed to look at pother land.

    After ten minutes he started up his 4 wheel drive and kept going in the direction he was going. Then he turned into a huge empty property that was fenced but nothing else there.

    I told him we were not interested and to take us home now.! He didnt.

    1. If the guy you are referring to from Washington developments had red hair then I know who you mean (David). He took me for over 30 00 and I got it back. On the way back from looking at a block of land out past Dalby (1992) he tried to force himself upon me. Didn't work. At the same time, I would not agree that he has the profile of a kidnapper or murderer. He is a con artist. Sexually deviant but I would have to give credit where it's due. Bear in mind too I don't actually know him.

  5. It was almost like he was looking for the perfect place for something. He had us there for 30 minutes driving around this bumpy property.

    Then he drove out and drove slowly back on the dirt road but kept stopping. The only thing I could think to do was to keep saying hurry up and get me to a road house before I pee in your car.

    He did finally stop and i got out and told my friend to come. In the ladies I said to her this guy is dangerous- do NOT get back in the 4 wheel drive. It was only one loo so she stepped out to allow me to use the loo .

    When I came out moments later I couldn't believe my eyes here was my friend back the 4 Wheel drive. I walked over and said get out. He said why.

    She started crying saying how are we going to get home we are two hundred miles in the bush. He said GET in or i will drive off and just take her. I knew she was very naive so I was forced to get back in.
    It had started to rain and we were coming down the range. Hes started to drive like a mad man. I thought we would be killed for sure,.. Then my mobile rang and it was my lawyer . I told him what was happening well sort of - he knew by my voice something was very wrong. I then told this idiot from Washington developments to STOP and let us out,.

    He screeched his brakes and I dragged my friend out because she was just frozen and scared of not doing what he said. Shed been sexually @ physically abused all her life by her step father and had fallen back into that role of doing whatever the offender told her. She was very scared of him but thought if she did what he said-- well dont know what she thought but she was in no state of mind- in shock i guess.

    To cut a long story short I paid a farmer $200.00 to drive us back to the gold coast. I then rang Washington developments and demanded his boss sack him and repay me and warned him about his staff member. He rushed down and gave me $200.00 but i dont think he sacked him.

  6. When I look at the areas these girls have all gone missing from-- and the road leading back to the Gold Coast I believe there is a strong chance this is the polices man they need to find.

    Spoke to police but you know how reports get lost or not passed onto the right copper. This guy was very presentable had the gift of the gab about 6 . 4 to 6-6 you would have to say good looking clean and intelligent. .

    Even if police did interview him we feel sure hed talk his way out of it-- very smooth.

    We ask the police to re visit this man who was driving those routes for years.

    Thats all we can do for this poor lady and the others.

    I suppose what should have happened was his boss from Washington developments should have come with us to the police station but he was too worried about his business reputation.

    We were still in shock. Shame on him too.

    1. I'm sorry for what happened to you, it was definitely a horrible experience and I'm sure you will be scarred by it for the rest of your life but I don't understand what this has to do with Sharron Phillips? She disappeared over 27 years ago, the person who attacked you most likely wasn't around at that time. In my opinion it was either the Army barracks or the police who had anything to do with the abduction of Sharron Phillips and I am also 100% sure that nothing will ever be done about it.

    2. I have long suspected that it was someone Sharron had reason to trust at least initially. Someone in uniform would fit that profile - they may have approached her under the guise of helping her.

      Very sad that it has not been solved. I have never forgotten Sharron. My condolences to the family.

  7. Sharron Phillips is my Sister and i can tell you right now that she was not a weakling. My sister was tough, she used to wrestle around with my Dad and our four brothers and most of the time she won. As far as I'm concerned she was abducted by more than 2 people as she would of given the best fight she had in her. Three years ago my mother, Sharrons mother died, she died without knowing what happened to her daughter and believe me whey i say that Sharrons disappearance not only destroyed my mothers life but it also killed her. My father is also very sick and he may die without ever knowing the truth or whereabouts of Sharron. I don't expect to ever know what happened to her either but i hope, if there is a god, that the people who did this to her and destroyed my family will suffer for it and burn in hell when their time comes. Only those who lose a child/sibling or parent to something like this will truly understand the pain and heartache these monsters really cause to the families left behind.

    1. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what it is like for you and your family. She looks like a beautiful person with a beautiful nature.
      The tragedy and trauma your precious mum took to her grave is unimaginable. Let's hope your father regains some of his health and strength and that your sister's disappearance is resolved before he leaves this world. It will be my ongoing prayer.
      I also ask God, Why? and But you know everything, God - so why don't you set things straight...?
      Losing a child to forced adoption is a bit like this - never knowing who has your child or where your child is or if the child is dead or alive....
      Keep hope alive in your heart.
      We have to hope for miracles and miracles do happen (I can barely believe that I still believe this, but I do)/

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  9. I'm so, so sorry for you and your family about the disappearance of Sharron, everytime I drive past the sign on the motorway I wonder what happened to her. I was only 12 when she went missing but I remember it being on the news. I truly hope you have some closure on this and that whoever done it faces justice.

  10. I helped someone in prison who somehow 'befriended. me. I was in a car with him as he was looking for a spot in the scrub on a backroad out of Casino NSW .
    I can't explain how I knew but I knew with every fibre of my being that he was going to murder me. No idea why.
    I had nothing sound - to substantiate what I knew until he rounded a bend and came face to face with road/council workers and their machinery, and someone else a suited person minus the suit jacket.
    He exploded and was talking out loud to himself as if I wasn't there saying things like What are they doing here? They've ruined everything. THEY aren't supposed to be. and so on.
    I smiled but felt sick and said, But they are...
    He turned around and went back the way he had come.
    No-one can tell me I was not lucky that God was not watching over me that day.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister Sharon I wasn't around at the time that it happened but I do really hope that you and your family will find out what happened to her and have closure, I cant imagine anything worse than losing a loved one, many wishes to you, hope you's will found out the truth soon.

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  13. Edited to remove names

    Anonymous said...
    Yes I will never forget Melony and Chad Sutton. I met them at MXXXXX PXXXXX residents at diamond street Riverview. PXXXXX introduced them to me as his brother and sister cousins. He said they would be staying with him for awhile. I reckon it would have been only a day or two before they were all over the TV reported as missing. I immediately contacted police telling them the Suttons were at PXXXXX residents. They said they would look into it but nothing seemed to happened. A week or two later I caught up with PXXXXX again asking him about his cousins and he replied that they were staying with him because they were being abused at home and needed a safe haven. He claimed the police knew they were staying at his house and had instructed him to keep it a secret whilst they carried out a investigation into the alleged child abuse. He said there mother had reported them missing and police were just following procedure and not to worry about it. A week later I saw PXXXXX again and he told me that Chad and Melony were determined to hitchhike interstate to stay with friends so he had dropped them off on the Toowoomba highway and they were not coming back because of the abuse.
    It was reported in the press that Chad and Melony Sutton had intended to hitchhike interstate. But nobody has come forward to claim they had SEEN them hitchhiking let alone picked them up giving them a lift. Nobody. This strongly suggests that they were murdered by the first person whom picked them up or perhaps hitchhiking interstate story is a fabrication.
    As far as convincing the police to look into this. How do you convince someone whom refuses to be convinced or even listen. I have tried many times to bring this to there attention but they are simply not interested at all. You can't make someone listen whom refuses to listen. No matter how hard you try.

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