Thursday, August 20, 1987

Sally Beatrix Greenham

Sally Beatrix Greenham Height (cm):166 Hair Colour:Brown Eye Colour:Brown Build:Slim Date of Disappearance:1987/08/20 Town/City:Perth State:WA Country:Australia Features Sightings Information Sally Greenham was a resident of Geraldton. She was allegedly last seen in the early hours of August 20,1987 in Adelaide Terrace, Perth, alighting from a vehicle. Despite extensive inquiries by Police and family and comprehensive media coverage, there has been no information regarding her whereabouts since then. If you have any information or sightings please contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


  1. could you please put the info in this link on your site. this guy David Troy Masters has been convicted of a woman's murder in the NT but is known to have murdered a WA woman Victoria Heather Clarke on 20/9/1987 in her Victoria Park flat. he was a resident in the same block of flats at the time. I believe he may have been involved in various unsolved murders/missing from 1986-1991 in WA. the article although dated 1995 gives very clear indication of what hampers police investigations. in separate message I'll post link to another newspaper article which has Masters' photo for all to see. someone might just recognise him and put him in a place police don't know about.

  2. Another article on David Troy Masters with photo