Saturday, September 13, 1980

Annette Deverell - Murder

Ms Deverell was just 19 when she disappeared from outside the Mandurah Post Office on September 13, 1980 after a night out with friends. Her body was found in bushland east of Pinjarra about two years later. To date, Annette Deverell murderer has not been found.


  1. Annette was 19 when she was taken and correct spelling of surname is Deverell.

  2. There was another report regarding Annette Deverell in 2012. I cannot locate it on the internet now, but kept a copy of it. It read:

    "1 Mar 2012 - WA: Murdered woman seen in panel van on night she vanished

    West Australian police have reopened investigations into a woman whose burnt skeletal remains were found in bushland more than 17 years (ago).

    Police have revealed 19-year-old ANNETTE DEVERELL was seen riding in a panel van around Mandurah the night she disappeared.

    Police reopened the investigation into the baffling murder after a local businesswoman came forward with information about a possible suspect."

    The report did not state the colour of the panel van, but Lisa Mott disappeared after last being seen talking to the driver of a yellow panel van in Collie on 30 October 1980.

    I too had an horrific close shave with the driver of a yellow panel van in Mandurah on 5 October 1980. I was then aged 19. I have posted a comment about this incident to this site's webpage on Lisa Mott.

    Looking back it can be seen that there were three incidences involving teenagers being abducted in panel vans in the space of six weeks in September/October 1980. Although I managed to get away, clearly Annette and Lisa did not.

    The question of whether there is a link between all three is a worthy one. Although Collie and Mandurah are indeed a great distance from each other, its not uncommon for people to drive such distances relatively frequently.

    It would be preferable to have a photo of Annette Deverell up here. People are bound to confuse her with Hayley Dodd as its the only photo showing. It doesn't help that Ms Deverell's surname in frequently misspelled elsewhere, and her age given (at time of disappearance) varies between 16 and 19 years. I think its imperative that care is taken to ensure accuracy in such serious matters.

  3. Another example of where the name is wrong:!topic/alt.true-crime/BWLz6ld6Ru0
    Here misspelled as 'Annette Caroline Deverall' and even 'Anette Caroline Deverall'.

    Here the police are looking at a possible link between:
    1. January 1979 - Felicia Wilson found bashed to death and mutilated behind Kwinana Shopping Centre;
    2. December 1979 - Kerryn Mary Tate found draped over a burning
    log at Karragullen;
    3. September 1980 - Annette Deverell disappeared from Mandurah, burnt skeletal remains found in bushland east of Pinjarra approx 2 years later; and
    4. October 1980 - Lisa Mott disappeared from Collie, remains missing.

  4. Andrew Garforth, the evil brute that murdered Ebony Simpson in NSW on 19/8/1992 is the chief suspect in the murder of Felicia Wilson. He was living in Orelia at the time, and has continuously reported having nightmares about the murder of Felicia and is able to give authorities details that have not been published.

    Karrakatta cemetery records show Annette was 19 at the time of her death which they record as being 13/9/1980 which is the day of her disappearance although her burnt remains were found a couple of years later on 7/7/1982 near Lake Navarino which is close to Waroona. Not all of her skeletal remains had been recovered as the remains were headless.

    There is a lovely photograph of Annette (link below) which was on the front page of the Coastal District Times on 7/1/1977. She is photographed in connection with the Emergency Rescue Water Group selling raffle tickets, in the company of 2 x policeman Jim Carver and Trevor Thomas - the tickets were being sold outside the police station

    I find it fascinating that David Birnie's date of birth is 16 February which is day 47. Annette Deverell 13/9/1980 and Lisa Mott 30/10/1980 were taken 47 days apart. Where some of the Birnie victims were buried at Gleneagles, was 313 degrees from The Birnie's Willagee address. 313+47=360. The last surviving victim of the Birnie's escaped on day 313. all the deceased victims of the Birnies were located on day 313. To me there appears to be a pattern.

    on 21/3/1980 a young girl named Sophie Woodman also disappeared.

  5. Sophie Woodman and a girlfriend had hitched from WA to Victoria. The girlfriend carried on to Qld. Sophie was to meet up with her but failed to do so.

  6. I new Annette and wondered how she could hang out with the wrong types in Mandurah, she was always nice to me when we spoke as she was a friend of my sisters. I hope they do find her killer one day, I don't know about a yellow panel van I always heard about a white one. Considering Mandurah was a surfing town there was a lot of vans as that was the surfers choice of car. I also heard that her body was found off scarp rd, was that correct?

  7. Annette's incomplete remains were recovered in Scarp Road not far from the northern tip of of Lake Navarino (aka Waroona Dam) on 7/8/1982. I have been advised from a reliable source Annette was last seen with a man in a yellow panel van outside the Mandurah post office. I've seen an online article (historic newspaper clip) that shows Annette selling raffle tickets for a sea rescue group and she is the company of 2 police officers. Did Annette have a relative connected to the police service?

  8. Brian I hope you don't mind me posting the link to the historic newspaper article which featured Annette on the front cover 7/1/1977. Is it possible to get a clip of her face put on her profile page?

  9. Annette grew up in stanley tasmania .family was well known .far as i know jim carver was her stepfather .growing up