Friday, December 12, 1975

Glenyce Rae McGowan

Age:19 Height (cm): Hair Colour:Brown Eye Colour:Brown Build:Medium Date of Disappearance:10/12/1975 Town/City:Nanturra State:WA Country:Australia Features Circumstances: 19-year-old Glenyce Rae McGowan was travelling from her hometown of Perth, Western Australia to Tom Price,in the north of the state to visit a friend on the night of December 10, 1975. Due to heavy flooding in the area, Glenyce McGowan was forced to camp overnight at a roadhouse near Nanturra,which is north of the town of Carnarvon. Other travellers were also waiting for the roads to claer at the same roadhouse. Glenyce McGowan disappeared from the roadhouse by the next morning. Her car was located where she had initially parked it the night before. There has been no sign of her since that night.


  1. James some of your script info is incorrect. here is a link that may help.

  2. Anyone who saw the photo (above) of Glenyce Rae McGowan back in 1975 when it was released to the media, would have thought police were looking for a young girl aged around 12 and approx. 5 ft tall (155cm) – believe it or not 155cm is her officially listed height. But low and behold an article in the West Australian Newspaper (“Cyclone covered suspected killing" 16 Dec 2006, p56) over 31 years later shows us a very different looking Glenyce, also known as “Rae”. Here we see a well-filled-out young woman of 19 standing on some steps who appears to be more like 5ft 8 or 9ins tall. There is no way anyone would recognise these two images as one and the same person. So it does make you wonder if anyone who sighted Glenyce back in 1975 would have ever linked what they saw to this photo. I do wish the older photo in the West 2006 article was originally used and today widely published on the web instead of this cute young pic. What chance was there?

    There is further information about Glenyce Rae McGowan here: