Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Lisa Jane Brown

Personal Details
Last seen: Tuesday, 10 November 1998
Year of birth: 1979
Age: 18
Height: 175 cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark blonde
Distinguishing Feature:

Circumstances: Lisa Brown has been missing since 12.30am on the 10th November 1998 from the Palmerston Street, Perth City area. When last seen she was wearing casual blue denim jeans, black T-shirt, black high heeled boots. There are fears for her safety and welfare.


  1. Lisa was recovered in November 1999. There is a record at Karrakatta Cemetery for her which states her date of death as 9.11.1998 - I assume that would mean her death is now an unsolved murder which is very sad.

  2. Lisa has not been recovered (to date). The Karrakatta Cemetery record is recording when a memorial was put into place for Lisa. Therefore her date of disappearance is recorded as her date of death. this has been verified with AFP.

  3. I would be looking at Mr Morey for this one. No.1 suspect in Sarah McMahon murder. Attempted murder of a prostitute and a prostitute found murdered near where he lives. He's the only one killing pro's and women.