Sunday, June 22, 1997

Peta Simone Weber

Age: 25 Years Height: 152 cm Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Circumstances: Peta WEBER and her husband were fishing off The Gap, Albany at 0645 hrs, on the 22nd of June 1997. Peta went off to the toilet and has not been seen since. Despite extensive inquiries, Police have been unable to locate her. Last seen:Black leggings, purple/blue parker with hood, ugg boots or white shoes. If anyone has seen Peta Simone WEBER , or has information regarding this persons whereabouts, please contact 1800 333 000


  1. 0645 on the 22nd of June? It would have been quite dark at that time at one of the most dangerous parts of the West Australian coastline, the Gap. I find it impossible to accept that Peta Weber would have walked back to the carpark, where the toilets are, by herself at this time. There is no defined track, as such, and why didn't she go before making her way, with her partner, down to the shoreline? And, over and above that, what would the chances be, at that time, that there would be someone lurking in the carpark? If anyone was there, they would have been noticed by the Webers when they drove in. This whole thing is very suspicious and I can't help but wonder if the husband had something to do with her disappearance. Of course, even if he did, it would be impossible to prove, since anybody who fell or was pushed into the sea here would never be recovered or found. The water is incredibly deep and the waves can reach 15 metres high.

    1. I knew Peta Personally. She didn't like fishing and she hated early mornings, more than that she hated leaving her daughter with the in-laws. The mother in law was bi-polar and the father in-law, early onset dementia. So when told that the kids were left at the in laws so she and the hubby could go fishing...nope, not believable at all. She was separated from the husband, but he got court orders forcing the daughter with him. He effectively held her to Ransome for access to the little one. His parents payed for the lawyers, Peta had no income to speak of and legal aid wouldn't help. Her husband shot himself(supposedly- he certainly was shot according to the paper) several years later, her X-husband OD'ed and subsequently died a few years after that. Her husband was a major drug figure in Albany at the time(I am told-I do not know this first hand). the copper at the time, Seivewright, good guy, buy there was pretty much nothing to go with. there was a 7 hour window where she could be almost anywhere but the Gap. No place for mystery stalkers or walking off, if you know the place you'll know what I mean. Lovely, lovely woman, bad taste in husbands.
      I sincerely believe she never went to the gap.