Friday, October 11, 1996


Sex: Female Year of Birth: 1966 Age Now: 45 At Time of Disappearance on 11 October 1996. Age: 30 Height (cm): 163.0 Build: Thin Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Green/Hazel Complexion: Olive Nationality: Racial Appearance: Caucasian Circumstances Talei was last seen at Bondi

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  1. I was good friends with Talei Pless at school and have some great photos of us together. When we finished school in 1983, we kept in touch for a few years. Last time I met up with her was around 1985. I went and visited her at her place a few times too. She was one of the smartest girls in our year. A special person with an amazing love for reading, poetry (she loved Shakespear) and had a special gift in drawing. I remember Talei as a person that cared about the less fortunate, the person in our year that wasn't into fashion nor anything fake. Talei at school was loved by all that understood her kindess and passion for caring for others. I hope Talei you see this message and let your brother or someone know you are ok. lots of love to you Christine Premetis (now Christina Rofe) xxx