Monday, August 19, 1996

Marcia Ann Ryan

Personal Details
Last seen: Monday, 19 August 1996
Year of birth: 1963
Height: 160cm
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Feature:
Circumstances: Marcia left her home in VIC in a tan Mitsubishi Sigma sedan Reg No. DUP002 to travel to QLD to visit her parents. She had a black and white Heeler/Border-Collie Cross. The car was found abandoned on the Princes Highway near Moe. Marcia’s wallet was found further along the highway. Marcia was last seen on 19 August 1996 in a distressed state by a truck driver but declined a lift and kept walking along the highway. She has not been seen since.


  1. Marcia's wallet was found at Darnum which was the opposite direction to which she was traveling - she would have driven through Darnum to where her vehicle had been located near Newborough. On 19 August 1995 - exactly 12 months prior, a woman who had stopped her vehicle for roadworks, was severely beaten whilst sitting in her vehicle - this was within 1km of where Marcia's wallet had been located. Newborough is where the child Jaidyn Leskie was murdered. I have a copy of the police identikit of the man that attacked the woman 12 months prior to Marcia's disappearance. How do I get this photo uploaded to your site please?

  2. Was the Safeway truck driver investigated? and what about theevicted boarder